Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 9: Home Sweet Home

Day 9, mixed feelings. It was time for us to go home.
Leaving YMCA Guest House

 Part of us want to go back to Singapore as we start to miss home and the comforts we have in Singapore. Meanwhile part of us can't bear to leave Philippines and the Philippines volunteers.
Last Photo with Philippines Volunteer

Photo with Sir Jimmy
 However, all good things have to come an end. After biding good bye at the YMCA guesthouse and lunch, we headed to Clark Airport for home. After about 3 hours of plane ride, finally home sweet home. 
Home Sweet Home
This does not mark the end of our journey though. All the memories created and lessons learnt for the past 9 days will always been kept in our heart.
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-Jia Min
Special photo credits to Ellias

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